The backbone
for federated AI and
data collaboration

A federated privacy-preserving platform for solving data collaboration challenges. From discovering and evaluating third-party datasets to running data consortia, training advanced AI models, and much more.

Make intractable data interactable

We're building the backbone for privacy-preserving AI and data collaboration by sending algorithms and models to data instead of the other way around.

Discover and evaluate third-party datasets, run data consortia, enable others to interact with your data, license and train advanced AI models, and much more.

Private data collaboration for the real world

Private-by-design federated architecture.

Out-of-the-box support for federated learning, differential privacy and other advanced privacy-preserving techniques.

Make evaluating new datasets painless.

Streamline decision-making with instant, privacy-preserving dataset evaluation. No more slow partial data samples.

Plays nice with your existing stack.

Our managed service and simple Python interface let you easily integrate federated analyses and training into your existing code.

On-prem SDK

Train your ML models across all your customers’ data, both on-prem and in the cloud.

The future is federated

The current need to centralise data for machine learning and analysis stifles innovation and favours monopolies. The Bitfount platform is designed for large-scale and secure dataset evaluation, federated machine-learning and analytics.

No centralised and vulnerable datastore

Marketplace connecting data owners, data scientists and problem-owners

Unlocking the value of data that can't be shared in raw form

Data + algorithms

Data's value is inseparable from the way it's processed. Bitfount Pods (Processing on Data)™ give data owners control over both which data and which algorithms any given collaboration partner can use.

Outsights: Insights from out-of-sight data

Maintain granular, time-bound control of your data

Includes support for your custom ML models

Smooth, seamless set-up

We've worked hard to make it easy to get up and running without compromising on security.

SaaS platform and easy-to-use developer tools

SSO as standard

Bitfount handles all fully-encrypted orchestration