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Accelerate your most ambitious projects and collaborations with federated learning, data science and analytics. All without needing to move any data.


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What is federated data science and AI?

Data collaborations without data sharing

Federated data science sends AI and other algorithms to data, instead of the other way around. Data stays behind its custodian's firewall at all times.

From accelerating clinical trials to fighting financial crime. Set up a federated AI and analytics network, customise with additional privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs) out of the box, and let your team focus on insights and innovation instead of bureaucracy.

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Collaborate without sharing data

The traditional approach of centralising data for AI and data science analysis often leads to higher risks, increased costs, and longer project timelines. Federated data science transforms this model by bringing AI and advanced algorithms directly to your data, which remains behind your firewall at all times.

From accelerating clinical trials to fighting financial crime, from single-player to global consortium. Maintain compliance and control and let your team focus on what truly matters: creating insights and driving innovation.

Bridge the gap between sensitive data and insight

The vast majority of data goes unused, usually because it can't be shared externally or between business units. Now there's a better way.

  • Run analytics, federated learning, model deployment, model evaluation, collaborative benchmarking, and much more
  • Use sensitive data while preserving privacy and maintaining control
  • Eliminate costs of building and maintaining data transfer pipelines
  • Work on the latest source-of-truth data and not a stale copy

Built for easy integration and compliance

Get up and running fast, with our support every step of the way. Comply with internal InfoSec, IT and privacy governance controls and integrate with the tools and data formats you already use.

  • Connect to common imaging, text and tabular data formats
  • Support for DICOM and other medical imaging formats
  • Integration with electronic health records (EHR) via SMART on FHIR
  • Plugin architecture for proprietary data stores and file formats
  • Open source SDK for IT peace of mind
  • SaaS Hub for governance controls, audit trail, admin and more
  • Support for OAuth and SAML user authentication

Explore some of our use cases

Accelerating clinical trials

Find more patients, in less time, with fewer screen fails.

Trusted research environments

Collaborate on research without transferring data.

Secure data partnerships

Roll out data partnerships protected by PETs


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