Federated privacy-preserving data collaborations

Unlock the power of federated data science and AI

Bitfount is the complete platform for enterprise-grade, privacy-preserving, compliant data collaborations without any data sharing.

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What is federated data science and AI?

Data collaborations without data sharing

Federated data science sends AI and other algorithms to data, instead of the other way around. Data stays behind its custodian's firewall at all times.

From accelerating clinical trials to fighting financial crime. Set up a federated AI and analytics network, customise with additional privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs) out of the box, and let your team focus on insights and innovation instead of bureaucracy.

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Data custodians

Connect a dataset to the Bitfount network in minutes, join a project, run tasks yourself or grant usage permissions to your collaborators. No code or data sharing required.

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Project coordinators

Set up a collaborative project using either 3rd-party AI models and algorithms or your own. Invite data custodians and start generating insights immediately and safely.

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Algorithm developers

Upload your custom models to be used in others' projects or your own. Project-by-project access controls ensure your model is only used where you want it to be.

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Why federated data science and AI?

Bridge the gap between sensitive data and insight

Safely tap into sensitive data
Evaluate partnerships
Mobilise consortia
Put your data assets to work
Tap into datasets

Shareable data is just the tip of the iceberg

The vast majority of data goes unused, usually because it can't be shared externally. Now there's a better way.

  • Use sensitive data without putting individual privacy at risk
  • Data analytics and AI without physical data transfer
  • Use previously-unavailable data for AI training and deployment
Evaluate partnerships

Look before you leap

Break the chicken-and-egg stalemate of data partnerships by precisely understanding ROI without months of up-front negotiation and contracting.

  • Validate data's value safely before any agreements are signed
  • Run risk-free partnership pilots
  • Compare suppliers without putting individual privacy at risk
Mobilise consortia

More than the sum of their parts

For successful consortia, make sure data teams aren't held back by barriers to data access and that data custodians can safely benefit from the resulting innovation.

  • Protect your consortium with strong governance controls
  • No complex, net-new infrastructure. No data lift-and-shifts
  • Ensure all parties receive the proper value for participation
Put data to work

Remove internal data access hurdles

Whether breaking down internal data silos for cross-jurisdictional collaboration, or monetising commercially sensitive data via a marketplace, let your data safely tell its story.

  • Remove barriers to data access for internal teams, while controlling how employees leverage internal data
  • Advanced governance controls for audit and compliance
  • Built in privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs)
Why Bitfount?

Bitfount is a unified privacy solution

Enterprise-grade platform

Built for smooth integration and compliance

Get up and running fast. Comply with internal InfoSec, IT and privacy governance controls and integrate with the tools and data formats you already use.

  • Connect to all common data formats and relational databases
  • Plugin architecture for connecting to proprietary data stores
  • SaaS Hub for governance controls, audit trail, admin and more
  • Support for OAuth and SAML user authentication
  • No incoming internet connections required
  • Secure by design with ISO27001 & HIPAA certifications and more
  • End-to-end encryption: Bitfount never sees your data or insights
  • Out-of-the-box support for federated learning, differential privacy, and other privacy-enhancing techniques (PETs)
Multiple ways to deploy

Unified, scalable and accessible to all

Bitfount Desktop

The power of Bitfount in a desktop application. No coding knowledge required.

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Bitfount SDK

Integrate federated data science into your workflows. Open source and extensible.

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Bitfount Hub

Manage and monitor your federated projects from the cloud. The Hub is the central nervous system of your network.

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Best-in-class developer experience

Combining the best of open source, SaaS, on-prem and cloud in a single, scalable platform.

  • Turnkey setup. Get up and running in minutes not days
  • Open source Python library (also available as Docker image)
  • Plugin architecture for custom data sources, algorithms & models
  • Support for AI and analytics use cases
  • Comprehensive user-friendly documentation
Use cases

Unlock new possibilities

Clinical Trials

Find more patients, in less time, with fewer screen fails using federated data science and AI. From feasibility studies, to site selection to patient pre-screening.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Streamline multiple steps of the R&D lifecycle with federated data science, and reduce the time new treatments take to reach patients.

Data Partnerships

Test and roll out data partnerships protected by privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs) and with no data transfer required.

Internal Data Collaboration

Manage access and operational controls across teams without limiting your employees' potential.

Trusted Research Environments

Research collaborations made easy with an AI and analytics platform adhering to the Five Safes.

Product Development

Build your own privacy-preserving data platform powered by Bitfount, or federate your AI across customers' data silos. All while keeping your data and IP safe.

Make your intractable data interactable

Applications of Federated Learning in Healthcare Imaging

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