Bitfount for Healthcare & Life Sciences

Improve patients' lives while saving time and money.

Federated collaboration and AI helps biopharma, healthcare providers, medical institutions and researchers develop and validate new treatments and interventions, and dramatically reduces the time they take to reach patients.

Turbo-charge clinical trials, develop the next generation of digital biomarkers, carry out large-scale real-world-data analyses and more.

Transforming clinical trials

The future of clinical trials is federated

Find more patients, in less time, with fewer screen fails using federated data science and AI.

  • Send algorithms and AI models to the data within trial sites
  • Analyse imaging and EHR data for inclusion/exclusion criteria
  • Objective, accurate patient pre-screening and screening
  • Iterate quickly on protocol design, feasibility and site selection
  • Reduce the number of protocol amendments
  • Deploy premium AI biomarkers or bring your own
  • Eliminate privacy risks: No data leaves the trial site
  • Easy to deploy: from large hospitals to small clinics
Breaking down healthcare siloes

Healthcare Data Collaboration for the Real World

For biopharma

Federated AI and data science transforms biopharma R&D in multiple ways:

  • Accelerate and de-risk clinical trials through better protocol design, feasibility studies, site selection, pre-screening and screening
  • Conduct post-market surveillance and phase 4 trials at scale
  • Develop novel biomarkers to inform drug discovery
  • Collaboration with academic researchers and data scientists
  • Overcome privacy obstacles to collaboration
  • Turn real-world data into real-world evidence, at scale

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For Clinical & Contract Research Organisations (CRO)

Bitfount allows CROs to provide an enhanced service to trial sponsors, from intelligent trial design to more efficient, accurate and cost-effective patient identification. Federated AI and data science an be applied across business units and specialisations, and can drive introduction of new data-science-based product lines through integration with sites' existing imaging and EHR systems.

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For hospitals

Federated data science offers a range of benefits for hospitals and other medical institutions, both for clinical trials and for other collaborative projects:

  • Streamline collaboration with academic and industry partners
  • Reduce the burden on clinical trial coordinators and PIs
  • Contribute to more studies and help more patients
  • Reduce patient disappointment with fewer trial screening fails
  • Collaborate with other institutions to identify service improvements
  • Generate revenue by participating in trials
  • Built-in data pseudonymisation tools for additional peace of mind
  • Straightforward IT and legal compliance: DPIA templates, FAQs and accreditations available on request

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For clinics

Participate in more trials, more efficiently with Bitfount's tools for privacy-preserving patient pre-screening. A single, free desktop application to reduce the burden on your trial coordinators and clinicians.

Trial inclusion/exclusion criteria are automatically assessed against your imaging and electronic health record (EHR) data by cutting-edge AI algorithms, with no data ever leaving your clinic. You remain in full control at all times. Better for your patients, and better for your team.

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For healthcare researchers

Use Bitfount to get research collaborations up and running quickly. Unlocking multiple, diverse datasets improves model accuracy and reduces bias. Validate your results and ML models on real-world datasets.

Privacy-preserving controls ensure your team can pursue the next scientific breakthrough with peace of mind. Straightforward IT and legal compliance, with DPIA templates, FAQs and accreditations available on request.

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Key features for healthcare & life sciences

Built-in privacy preservation

No need for a PhD in cryptography. Remove risk barriers to opening up sensitive data by combining any of a range of built-in privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs).

Usage-based access controls

Partners are only able to carry out the analyses you have allowed them to. Role-based access controls let you technically enforce governance and usage policies.

Audit and monitoring

Bitfount provides a real-time, granular audit trail of how partners or consortia members use your data.

Zero-trust security model

Bitfount follows the latest in network security best practices, including Zero-Trust principles. Never trust, always verify.

Simple IT integration

Bitfount's communication model only requires that data custodians and data scientists have outgoing internet connections. No need to open any ports in the firewall, dramatically simplifying IT integration.

End-to-end encryption

Bitfount itself never receives data or statistics. Any analysis results are transferred between data custodians and data scientists using end-to-end encryption.

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