A private-by-design
federated AI network

Rest easy, your AI and data science projects are always secure and compliant. Data stays behind the owner's firewall at all times, protected by enterprise-grade privacy technologies.

Certifiably secure

Take a zero trust approach

Get up and running fast. Comply with internal InfoSec, IT and privacy governance controls and integrate with the tools and data formats you already use.

  • Every request individually checked for authentication and authorisation
  • Usage-based access management for granular access controls
  • Support for OAuth and SAML user authentication
  • All communication is end-to-end encrypted (AES-256)
  • Architecture requires no open incoming ports in your firewall

Designed for data protection officers

Give data custodians control over which datasets and which algorithms any given collaborator can use.

  • Install on-premise or in your cloud. No migrations needed
  • Certifiably secure: ISO27001, HIPAA, Cyber Essentials+ and more
  • Full audit trail of interactions including access grants, analyses, etc.
  • DPIA templates and FAQs available on demand

No data visible to Bitfount

Bitfount is designed from the ground up so that no data or analysis results are visible to us.

  • Use sensitive data without putting individual privacy at risk
  • Only data schemas and task metadata shared for audit purposes
  • All data processing takes place behind data custodian firewalls
  • Flexible project configuration supports single-player mode with all analysis results remaining local, or with only summary statistics, metrics and model weights being sent back to external collaborators.

Fewer risks, more results

Safeguard privacy with our governance controls. No data leaks, smoother contracts, better alignment.

  • VPN installation support for additional security
  • Friendly web- and desktop user interface, and developer-friendly SDK
  • Built-in privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs) including Differential Privacy and Secure Aggregation
  • Privacy-preserving algorithms including Federated Learning, Federated Inference, Model- and Dataset evaluation, PrivateSQL and Private Set Intersection.

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