Bitfount for Data Partnerships

Data partnerships without the data sharing headache

Setting up privacy-compliant data partnerships just got a whole lot easier. Matching of cohorts, calculation of aggregated metrics and much more, all without any partner's PII data leaving their firewall. Manage your data partnerships accurately, safely and securely while creating maximum value for all parties.

Manage + distribute datasets

Make your intractable data interactable

Bitfount is a platform for distributed data science and AI.We power deep data collaborations without data sharing.

Benefits for data partnerships

Safely productise datasets

Usage-based privacy-preserving controls mean partners never have to receive a copy of your data. They can make use of it, but only in the ways that you have agreed.

Evaluate Prospective Partners

No more lengthy legal negotiations or partial data samples. Data scientists can evaluate partnership potential and ROI directly on the data but without data transfer required.

Access AI/ML Talent

Spin up a remote data science team without giving them direct access to your systems or raw data.

Key features for data partnerships

Built-in privacy preservation

No need for a PhD in cryptography. Remove risk barriers to opening up sensitive data by combining any of a range of built-in privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs).

Usage-based access controls

Partners are only able to carry out the analyses you have allowed them to. Role-based access controls let you technically enforce governance and usage policies.

Audit and monitoring

Bitfount provides a real-time, granular audit trail of how partners or consortia members use your data.

Zero-trust security model

Bitfount follows the latest in network security best practices, including Zero-Trust principles. Never trust, always verify.

Simple IT integration

Bitfount's communication model only requires that data custodians and data scientists have outgoing internet connections. No need to open any ports in the firewall, dramatically simplifying IT integration.

End-to-end encryption

Bitfount itself never receives data or statistics. Any analysis results are transferred between data custodians and data scientists using end-to-end encryption.

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