Bitfount for Academia & Research

Data access, sorted.

When you can’t access the data you need to perform complex analyses, develop ML models, or share with your collaborators, Bitfount can help. We work with your partners in industry or across research institutions to help you collaborate safely and securely. Never let lack of data access stop you from furthering your field again.

Bitfount - Federated Analytics and Machine Learning Platform

Unblock your work with distributed data science

Remove barriers to collaboration

Data never leaves your systems, whether your co-authors are next door or on the other side of the world.

Embed trust with industry

A simple, privacy-safe integration is a convincing solution to the data access challenge.

Learn privacy techniques

Low-risk, low-overhead way to explore the world of privacy-preserving data science.

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Key Features for Academia & Research

Built-in privacy preservation

Leave the PhDs in cryptography to your colleagues. Remove risk barriers to opening up sensitive data. Read more about privacy technologies here.

Usage-based access controls

Collaborators can only do what's been agreed. Technically enforce governance and usage rules. Read more on our blog.

Audit and monitoring

Bitfount provides clear usage metrics of how collaborators use your data.

Zero-trust security model

Bitfount is ISO-27001 certified and follows the latest in network security best practices. Read more on our blog.

Simple IT integration

Bitfount's communication model requires that data custodians and scientists have only outgoing internet connections. This dramatically simplifies IT integration. Read more in our blog.

End-to-end encryption

Bitfount itself never receives data or statistics. All data is transferred between data custodians and scientists with end-to-end encryption.