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Interested in tackling some of the most interesting and challenging problems at the intersection of AI/ML, privacy-enhancing technologies, marketplace design, and B2B SaaS?

Want to work on unlocking some of the most meaningful uses of data in the world and have fun while you're at it? That's what we're up to.

Join us to help make the world's intractable data interactable.

What we value

Our values

Embrace challenge

Most of the world’s pressing problems are also challenging to solve in one way or another. Sometimes it’s about untangling a gnarly technical issue and sometimes it’s about challenging the status quo, each other, or our own egos. As a mission-driven team the human impact of our work is always front of mind, and so we actively embrace the challenges we encounter on our way to success. Whether building a state-of-the-art technology stack, translating cutting-edge research into the real world or reimagining the relationship between technology and regulation, our ambition compels us to prioritise impact over hype, and persistence over short-termism.

Living this value means working well together ↓

Better together

Collaboration is in Bitfount’s DNA, and our mission of unlocking value by enabling others to work together applies just as strongly to how we ourselves work: internally as a team, with our customers, suppliers, and our broader community. We have a deep understanding that joining forces is worth the effort, and we always aim to create partnerships that are more than the sum of their parts. We always ask “Is there a better way to solve this problem through collaboration?”

Living this value requires us to default to trust ↓

to trust

Trust is the bedrock of a cohesive, healthy, high-performing team: trust that people can work autonomously, that we know our expertise but also our limitations, and trust that we aren’t afraid to ask for help when we need it. Trust that people act with integrity and good intentions and that problems are owned by the whole team and not by an individual. We make a conscious effort to recognise and neutralise our defensive behaviours and to nurture vulnerable trust with our teammates, even - especially - when this feels uncomfortable. We recognise that trust is also a two-way street and consciously work to earn our teammates’ trust by acting with integrity, professionalism and compassion.

Living this value requires us to celebrate diversity ↓


Organisations are made by the people within them; and diversity of experience, viewpoints and skills across the team fosters productive debate by allowing us to break out of fixed pathways of thinking. In order to enable our diversity to flourish, we encourage all Bitfounters to bring their authentic selves to the table and likewise to celebrate the things that make their teammates unique; to be compassionate, patient, humble, and kind, and to foster an honest, non-judgemental environment where everyone lifts up others, does their best work, grows and has fun.

What we offer

Benefits at Bitfount


  • Competitive salary
  • Meaningful equity package

Learning and development

  • £300 annual personal learning budget
  • Additional support to attend conferences, courses and other professional development activities.
  • Regular reading groups for knowledge sharing on topics of interest

Health & Wellbeing

Culture & Community

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Open roles

Prospective applications

We're looking for people who share our values. We welcome diverse perspectives, people who think rigorously and aren't afraid to challenge assumptions. If you don't quite fit into any of our open roles, we'd still love to hear from you. Feel free to send us a note, along with any relevant ideas for what you'd like to do, to

Equal opportunity

We’re working hard to create a diverse and inclusive culture where we take inspiration from different experiences, backgrounds and ways of thinking. We do not and will never discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, family or parental status, national origin, veteran, neurodiversity status, or disability status.

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