We are thrilled and honoured to announce that Ronya Rubenstein has joined Bitfount’s advisory board. Ronya brings a wealth of experience and a unique industry perspective that aligns perfectly with our mission at Bitfount.

With over a decade of experience supporting early-stage startups, Ronya’s expertise in accessing health data, scaling clinical trials, and integrating innovation into actionable strategies is unparalleled. Her role as an advisor to multiple pharma, medtech, and digital health companies, combined with her academic contributions as a lecturer at the University of Haifa, makes her an invaluable addition to our team.

Formerly, as director of the R&D Unit at Rambam Hospital Israel, Ronya led clinical trials, technology transfer,  commercialisation, and R&D collaborations. Ronya built Rambam into a digital health powerhouse by facilitating health data sharing, assuming a design partner role and setting up and serving on the board of MindUp, the first digital health incubator in Israel, in collaboration with Medtronic, IBM and Pitango VC. She holds an LLB from the Hebrew University and both an LLM and MPH from the University of Haifa (graduated summa cum laude).

Her involvement with the RISE innovation centre at Assuta Hospital in Israel and Mego-Afek further highlights her commitment to healthcare innovation. Ronya’s background in law and public health, along with her experience in clinical trials and R&D, positions her ideally to guide Bitfount through its growth phase.

“We’re thrilled and honoured to be working with Ronya. Her deep experience and insights into healthcare R&D, data privacy, governance, collaboration, AI innovation, clinical trials and patient-centric solutions will be invaluable as we continue to scale Bitfount’s federated data science network to safely unlock the value of the world’s sensitive data.” - Naaman Tammuz | Bitfount Co-founder & CPO

We are excited to have Ronya on board and look forward to the journey ahead with her.

Welcome to the Bitfount family, Ronya!

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