Hello Daniella, please introduce yourself!

Hi, I am the Operations Manager at Bitfount. I’m from South East London, the secret quiet part of London and the greenest ; ) I have a Vizsla called RZA and I’m waiting for him to transform from a velociraptor to a good boy…

What does your role as an Operations Manager at Bitfount involve?

Operations, duh! It’s in the title. In all seriousness for me at Bitfount it involves a bit of these 4 areas, People, Culture, Operations, Finance and supporting marketing. This is a condensed version. It’s basically assisting the company in everything that isn’t product related, whether that’s finding an office and setting it up, or onboarding a new starter to looking into data security certifications.

How did you get into this field?

After travelling the world and living in Sydney, it was time for a career change from working in financial complaints. Since I like to know how companies operate and am people focussed a role which involved variation was perfect for me. I’m also highly organised and know how to get things done which is pretty key when things need fixing, putting in place or holding together. 

What challenges are you working on right now?

Joining a start up means there are very few processes in place, so I am always thinking about gaps and what we haven’t got in place. Currently, I want to set out clearer people processes from when someone joins to their whole lifetime at Bitfount. So they feel supported and have a brilliant working experience. I also want to put diversity and inclusion at the forefront of how Bitfount operates so it is in place rather than an afterthought.

How would you describe the culture and working environment?

It’s an open place where we can raise queries and get things done relatively quickly. Considering the team has doubled within 6 months and is relatively new we all enjoy when we are in the office and come together for lunch or socials to get to know each other more.

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