Please introduce yourself!‍

Hey there! I'm Biswa, a Frontend Engineer working at Bitfount with the Platform team. I've had quite a journey so far, starting my career in Bangalore, India's Silicon Valley, then moving to Singapore, and now settled in London since 2021. Over the past five years, I've been lucky to work with fast-growing startups, which has been an amazing experience.‍

What does your role as a Frontend Engineer at Bitfount involve?‍

As a Frontend Engineer at Bitfount, my main gig is collaborating with backend engineers and product designers. Together, we create super cool and user-friendly interfaces for our federated machine-learning platform. I spend most of my time building React components with TypeScript, but I'm also no stranger to diving into the backend codebase whenever I can and using my past experience to improve the user experience of our product.‍

How did you get into this field?

My love for web development started back in college, where I studied computer science. Freelancing as a web developer during my studies and managing a CRM application during a summer internship only fuelled that passion. My first job as an ASP.Net engineer set me on a path to becoming a JavaScript Frontend Engineer in 2016, and I've never looked back since then. I've added a lot of advanced web development skills to my toolkit along the way.‍

What challenges are you working on right now?‍

Right now, my plate is full with the development and maintenance of our internal design system. It's a crucial part of our work, powering most of the user interfaces across all our apps. In the fast-moving tech world, components often break, so I'm always on the hunt for bugs and making sure everything runs smoothly. Another challenge is working with a complex machine-learning platform that churns out loads of asymmetric data. Ensuring our UI can handle this craziness is no easy task, but it's exciting!‍

What are the most important benefits that you believe data collaboration can bring from a business and sustainability perspective?‍

There are petabytes of unused data locked up in healthcare and financial companies due to privacy laws. If we can unlock this data while respecting privacy, it opens up endless possibilities. Faster clinical trials to save lives, better fraud detection, and smarter customer acquisition for fintech companies are just the tip of the iceberg. The possibilities are limitless. At Bitfount, we're a team that's passionate about using data to solve these problems and make a huge impact in the world.‍

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