Hello, please introduce yourself!

Hi, I’m Ali and I’m a Machine Learning Engineer at Bitfount!

What does your role as a Machine Learning Engineer at Bitfount involve?

I am part of the team responsible for developing our python package. This is the side of the platform which has all the logic for how our federated algorithms and protocols work.

How did you get into this field?

My career began with stints in Medicine and Banking, before I decided that programming was what I was most interested in. After a Masters in Computer Science (with a thesis in NLP), I joined Bitfount as its first employee and the rest is history!

What challenges are you working on right now?

Right now, I’m busy looking into how we can best support Tensorflow models in Bitfount so that users can have more choice with their ML frameworks!

What are the most important benefits that you believe data collaboration can bring, from a (business + sustainability) perspective?

I really like that it increases competition in data-centric industries by helping to level the playing field when it comes to data. I think we all like to support an underdog, and platforms like ours help increase their chances of making it.

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