We are thrilled to announce that Bitfount has been honoured with the CogX 2023 Award for Best Innovation in Pharma! The award recognises our groundbreaking work in accelerating clinical trials for new drug discovery through the use of Federated Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. This prestigious award was presented during the annual CogX Festival in London, which attracts thousands of people, where we also showcased our technology for three incredible days.

The Award:

The CogX Awards are renowned for spotlighting some of the most promising innovations in the world of AI and Emerging Technologies. Being recognised for our contributions in Pharma is an exciting validation of the potential of Bitfount's federated data science and AI platform - which enables the training, evaluation and deployment of cutting-edge AI models against sensitive medical data - to accelerate the development of new medicines.

Our work:

Bitfount is working to transform drug development by making clinical trials more efficient, accurate, and fast. With the support of our AI tools, clinics and hospitals can identify promising clinical trial participants and evaluate their eligibility much more quickly than traditional methods. Our federated data science platform enables the latest AI models, including LLMs, to be safely deployed within healthcare settings of any size to automatically analyse text, tabular and imaging data from EHR and PACS systems against trials’ eligibility criteria without requiring any data to leave the hospital and therefore avoiding the compliance obstacles of data sharing.

“It’s been very exciting to see the impact that we can have on clinical trial recruitment and real world evidence use cases in pharma. We’re excited to receive an award for pharma innovation!” - Blaise Thomson (CEO, Bitfount)

A Look Into the Future:

This award serves as a testament to our work in accelerating clinical trials. We are more committed than ever to breaking down barriers and using privacy-preserving AI technologies to unlock the value of data and solve real-world problems safely.

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the CogX team and everyone who has supported us on this journey. Stay tuned and follow us on X for more exciting updates!

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