Our vision & mission

Reimagining the future of data collaboration

As a team of AI, privacy, and product experts, we understand the hurdles to finding and incorporating the right data into your analyses, applications, and ML models.

That's why we've created a new way for data custodians, data scientists, and governance teams to collaborate and get things done, without compromising on privacy or quality.


Who we are


Bitfount exists to safely unlock the value of data for the benefit of humankind.

We're building a new connective tissue for the B2B data economy. Society’s data superpowers are gathering dust due to a problem that's easy to describe but hard to solve: The data required to solve the world's most pressing problems isn't the kind that's easily shared.

The limitations of current data infrastructure have created painful, slow, expensive, and often ineffective workarounds for what should be seamless collaborations between trusted partners.

But it doesn't have to be this way.


Bitfount makes previously intractable data interactable, through a platform which removes barriers to collaboration without compromising on data privacy or quality.

Bitfount’s goal is to make the world’s intractable data interactable.

To do that, we’re building a missing piece of global infrastructure: a secure network for sending algorithms to data instead of the other way around. From federated machine learning to private SQL, we enable organisations to easily share the benefits of their data with one other. All, without having to go through the painful and risky process of moving it around, compromising its privacy, and needing to expose any raw data.


Life at Bitfount

We believe that great software is built by great people working in great teams, and we’re working hard to make Bitfount a home for both.

We’re committed to building an organisation of which people are proud to be a part, where everyone can learn and grow, where everyone is supported, and where everyone can do the best, most meaningful work of their careers in a cross-disciplinary environment.

Visit our careers page to check out our open roles and see if there's a fit for you.