Bitfount for healthcare & Life Sciences

Distributed data science for better patient outcomes.

Develop the next generation of digital biomarkers, clinical trial recruitment models, and RWD analyses with Bitfount. We help medical institutions, researchers, providers, and pharma enable decentralised data collaboration to save time  and improve patient lives.

Bitfount - Federated Analytics and Machine Learning Platform

Healthcare Data Collaboration for the Real World

Improved biomarkers

Bitfount is already partnering with UK hospitals and researchers to develop the next generation of machine-learning-based biomarkers.

Industry + Academia

Fast-track research by enabling safe analysis of EHR and social-determinants of health data.

Privacy-first care

Privacy-preserving controls ensure your AI experts can pursue the next scientific breakthrough with ease.

Patient screening for clinical trials

Unlocking diverse datasets can reduce model bias and help identify eligible patients for clinical trials.


Understand how your hospital or clinic compares to the average without sharing sensitive information.

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Key Features for Healthcare & Life Sciences

Built-in privacy preservation

No need for a PhD in cryptography. Remove risk barriers to opening up sensitive data. Read more about privacy technologies here.

Zero-trust security model

Bitfount follows the latest in network security best practices. Read more on our blog.

Audit and monitoring

Bitfount provides clear usage metrics of how your data is accessed.

Usage-based access controls

Collaborators can only do what's been agreed. Technically enforce governance and usage rules. Read more on our blog.

Simple IT integration

Bitfount's communication model requires that data custodians and scientists have only outgoing internet connections. This dramatically simplifies IT integration. Read more in our blog.

Certified security

Bitfount holds ISO27001 certification and is on track for HIPAA compliance soon.