Bitfount for Product Development

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Power your next-generation data platforms, or give your product teams the ability to execute machine-learning and other data science tasks remotely, safely, and securely, without the need to store raw customer data. Leave the federated access and privacy-preserving tech to us.

Benefits for product development

Make your vision a reality

Build the next generation of your own data platform by embedding federated AI and distributed data science at its core. Scalable, flexible and secure.

Product analytics and ML

Understand your customers without needing to collect and store data in your own environment. Train and evaluate models without the need for complex MLOps infrastructure.

Supply chain integration

Deploy federated data science and AI across your supply chain to generate insights from data which suppliers wouldn't share in raw form.

Key features for product development

Bitfount SDK

Integrate Bitfount's python library into any of your own products. The extensible plugin architecture Interacts seamlessly with Bitfount's SaaS Hub and Desktop applications.

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Built-in privacy preservation

No need for a PhD in cryptography. Remove risk barriers to opening up sensitive data by combining any of a range of built-in privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs).

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Usage-based access controls

Partners are only able to carry out the analyses you have allowed them to. Role-based access controls let you technically enforce governance and usage policies.

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Audit and monitoring

Bitfount provides a real-time, granular audit trail of how partners or consortia members use your data.

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Simple IT integration

Bitfount's communication model only requires that data custodians and data scientists have outgoing internet connections. No need to open any ports in the firewall, dramatically simplifying IT integration.

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End-to-end encryption

Bitfount itself never receives data or statistics. Any analysis results are transferred between data custodians and data scientists using end-to-end encryption.

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