The backbone
for federated AI and
data collaboration

A federated privacy-preserving platform for solving data collaboration challenges. From discovering and evaluating third-party datasets to running data consortia, training advanced AI models, and much more.

Product: bitfount SDK

On-prem training? No sweat.

For companies who want to train their ML models on data that has to stay on their customers' premises.

Private data collaboration
for the real world

Help your customers help you.

Easily incorporate your customers' on-prem data into your ML models for maximum performance.

0-60 in minutes, not months.

Simple, powerful Python interface lets you integrate federated analyses and model training into your product.

More data, better product.

Turn 'the unreasonable
effectiveness of data' to your advantage by training the models powering your product on larger datasets.

Go the extra mile for your model.

Tap into your customers' unique datasets to set your model apart from others trained on generic- or cloud-only datasets.

Fast and flexible

We work hard to make it easy for you to get up and running, whatever your level of technical expertise.

Turnkey setup and integrations

Built-in support for tabular and image data

Communication handled by Bitfount and encrypted at all times.