The backbone
for federated AI and
data collaboration

A federated privacy-preserving platform for solving data collaboration challenges. From discovering and evaluating third-party datasets to running data consortia, training advanced AI models, and much more.

Product: bitfount alliance

Data consortia done right

For internal use by large enterprises, corporate groups and industry consortia. Partnerships wanting to get more from their data than the sum of its parts use Bitfount for shared analytics, data science and AI model development without needing to disclose any raw data.

Private data collaboration
for the real world

Share the insights, not the data.

Within- or across industries, use Bitfount to connect disparate datasets to solve shared problems.

Zero Trust. Infinite Possibilities.

No raw data is shared by default between participants. Bitfount's federated learning and analytics algorithms provide full flexibility.

Cross-jurisdiction collaboration

Gather insights from data across jurisdictions while maintaining out-of-the-box compliance with local privacy- and data protection laws.

SSO as standard.

We take security seriously and don't believe single sign-on should be an enterprise-only feature. That's why Bitfount comes with SSO out of the box.

Fast, flexible setup

We work hard to make it easy for you to get up and running, whatever your level of technical expertise.

Secure SaaS platform and SDK

Turnkey setup and integrations

Built-in support for tabular and image data