Bitfount SDK

Built for building

A unified library for federated learning, evaluation and analytics. Extensible, scalable, and production-ready with built-in role-based access controls and support for a range of privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs)

Federated AI and Distributed Data Science toolbox

Unlock your data superpowers

Embed federated learning and analytics into your existing workflows and products, customised to your industry and use-case.

  • Built-in support for Federated Learning, Federated Execution, Differential Privacy, Private SQL, Secure Aggregation, Private Set Intersection and more.
  • Backed by full-featured SaaS platform
  • Support for OAuth and SAML user authentication
  • Messaging architecture avoids pitfalls of client-server model
  • Zero Trust by design. Never trust, always verify
  • Robust security with ISO27001 & HIPAA certifications and more
  • End-to-end encryption: Bitfount never sees your data or insights

The SDK is open source and interacts seamlessly with the Bitfount Hub and Bitfount Desktop.

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