Bitfount Hub

Mission control for your federated AI & analytics network

While datasets remain behind their custodians' firewalls, the Hub is a central location for exploring, experimenting, monitoring and managing your federated collaborations.

Privacy + SaaS = PaaS

Everyone on the same page at all times

Strong collaborations require strong coordination. The SaaS Hub provides transparency, audit, access controls and discovery tools to all participants.

  • Discover public models, datasets & projects from the community
  • Manage access to your owned datasets, models and projects
  • Support for OAuth and SAML user authentication
  • Strong governance with role-based access controls (RBAC)
  • Full audit trail of all executed tasks, access controls, and more
  • Zero Trust by design. Never trust, always verify
  • Robust certified security with ISO27001, HIPAA and others

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