Platform Architecture & Security

The federated data science and AI network.

Bitfount is a secure network for sending algorithms to data instead of the other way around. Data remains behind its custodian's firewall, with enterprise-grade access controls over which analyses can be executed.

Never trust, always verify

Control access to data, your way

Bitfount supports the latest approaches to network security design, and follows standard protocols:

  • Zero trust architecture, with authentication at every step
  • Support for authentication using OAuth or SAML
  • Usage-based access management for granular access controls
  • VPN installation support for Pods for additional security
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No data visible to Bitfount

Bitfount is designed from the ground up so that no data or analysis results are visible to us.

  • Processors of Data (Pods™️) live on your infrastructure
  • All data processing environments live on your infrastructure
  • All communication is end-to-end encrypted (AES-256)
  • Only data schemas and task metadata shared for audit purposes
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Certifiably secure

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