Our commitment to privacy

Protecting data privacy is what we do

Bitfount enables AI and data science collaborations to take place safely, above all without compromising on data privacy. We take that responsibility seriously, recognising that no two organisations' privacy postures are identical.

Fewer risks, more results

Mitigate privacy risk according to your organisation's governance controls and risk postures. No leaky data pipelines to be found. Simpler contracting, more alignment.

  • Data remains behind your firewall and never leaves
  • Apply granular role-based usage policies to reflect your own
  • Full audit trail for compliance and transparency
  • New: Apply pseudonymisation transformations to your datasets
  • Fully encrypted (AES-256). Bitfount sees no raw data or outputs
  • Differential privacy for mathematically defined privacy budgets
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Pass the reins to your Data Protection Officer

The value of data is inseparable from the way it's processed. Bitfount Pods (Processors of Data)™ give data custodians control over both which datasets and which algorithms any given collaboration partner can use.

  • Link siloed datasets while preserving privacy
  • Install on-premise or in your cloud . No migrations needed
  • Zero Trust architecture and workflow
  • Certifiably secure: ISO27001, HIPAA, Cyber Essentials+ and more
  • DPIA templates and FAQs available on demand
  • Explore tutorials and whitepapers on privacy-enhancing data science based on the latest academic research
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Dataset usage policies

Privacy as a first class citizen

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