How we deploy

One simple install for all your data goals.

Get up and running in minutes with Bitfount's easy-to-deploy distributed data science platform. Use tools you already have to perform tasks against data you're just discovering.

Bitfount - Federated Analytics and Machine Learning Platform

Fast and seamless

Other federated frameworks are cumbersome and complicated. Bitfount handles all the complexity so you can focus on getting things done.

  • Python API for integration into your product, or python environment.
  • Docker image for infrastructure deployments.
  • SaaS platform for access controls, account administration & more.
  • Compatible with organisational IT firewalls.
  • Bitfount handles all end-to-end encryption.

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Bitfount - Federated Analytics and Machine Learning Platform

Works with your existing stack

We've worked hard to make it easy to get up and running without compromising on functionality and security.

  • Turnkey setup and integrations. Plays nicely with your existing tools.
  • Support for your custom models and algorithms.
  • Extensible plugins allow you to connect data from (almost) any source.
  • Compatible with both on-premise and cloud deployments.
  • Configurable data sources allow for maximum flexibility.

Key Features

Built-in privacy preservation

No need for a PhD in cryptography. Run your tasks, safely.

Extensible platform

Build plugins catering to your data science needs.

Deploy-ready SDK

Build your own distributed data science network without heavy-lifting from your collaborators.

4 steps to value realisation

Join the Community

Bitfount Community Forum

We're delighted to welcome you to our community where you can collaborate on remote and privacy-preserving data science projects with others in the space.

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Install Bitfount

Download in minutes

Create a Bitfount Hub account and install the bitfount package during your coffee break. Once installed, check out our comprehensive tutorials to get started with distributed data science.

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Federated learning platform - code example and SaaS

Connect & authorise data

Data access, sorted

Whether you're on the granting or receiving end, safe data access has never been so easy. Bitfount provides several methods for connecting data sources and enforces granular access controls to fit your needs.

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Analyse data

Unleash your data experts

Once data is connected, it's the data scientists' time to shine. Whether you're running basic private SQL queries or training deep neural networks, Bitfount helps you improve outcomes from sensitive data collaboration.

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