Ophthalmology Consortium

Join the biggest privacy-preserving ophthalmological data network in the world.

We're on a mission to accelerate the future of ophthalmic research and patient care. From pure research, to biomarker development, pharmaceutical R&D, clinical trials and post-market surveillance. Safe, privacy-preserving collaboration between academic, healthcare, industry, and third-sector partners. No data transfer required.

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Building the future of ophthalmology, together.

The Bitfount Ophthalmology Consortium (BOC) brings together academic institutions, healthcare providers, industry partners and third-sector organisations to tackle problems at the cutting edge of ophthalmic research and patient care.

Safely connect your imaging or tabular datasets without exporting them.

Analyse external datasets held by your collaborators.

Full suite of privacy-enhancing analytics and machine learning tools.

Grant granular usage-based permissions to different collaborators.

Connect with potential research partners and explore joint projects.

Learn about the latest Privacy-Enhancing Technologies (PETs).

Discover best-practice Information Governance (IG) techniques.

Hear from others who have overcome similar challenges.

Share and access technical and IG resources.