The backbone
for federated AI and
data collaboration

A federated privacy-preserving platform for solving data collaboration challenges. From discovering and evaluating third-party datasets to running data consortia, training advanced AI models, and much more.

industry: healthcare

Better data, better diagnostics, better patient outcomes

Bitfount enables medical institutions, researchers, healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies to collaboratively develop the next generation of machine learning models for more accurate and earlier diagnostics and drug discovery, leading to better patient outcomes.

Private data collaboration
for the real world

Real-world impact

Bitfount is already partnering with UK hospitals and researchers to develop the next generation of ophthalmological diagnostic models.

Connecting industry and academia

Streamline decision-making with instant, privacy-preserving dataset evaluation.

Privacy-first healthcare

Secure, privacy-preserving machine-learning ensures full patient privacy while fully utilising valuable siloed datasets.

Fight the bias

Combining diverse datasets can reduce the model bias caused by insufficient representation in smaller, curated datasets.

Fast, flexible setup

We work hard to make it easy for you to get up and running, whatever your level of technical expertise.

Secure SaaS platform and SDK

Turnkey setup and integrations

Built-in support for tabular and image data