The backbone
for federated AI and
data collaboration

A federated privacy-preserving platform for solving data collaboration challenges. From discovering and evaluating third-party datasets to running data consortia, training advanced AI models, and much more.

for data owners

Join the data network of the future

Maximise the value of even your most sensitive data while remaining fully privacy-compliant and maintaining control over it at all times. Create new revenue streams, contribute to cutting-edge research, and much more. You're always in full control and your data stays with you.

Treat your data with the
respect it deserves

What, and how

Data's only as valuable as what it gets used for. Bitfount gives you control over which data and which algorithms your collaboration partners can use.

Cut back on bulk data transfers

With your data in a Pod™ on the Bitfount network, your customers can self-serve the insights they need.

Governance handled

Whether on-prem or in the cloud, the Bitfount platform keeps your compliant across jurisdictions (inc. GDPR and CCPA).

Fast, flexible setup

Host a Pod™ yourself, or let us set it one for you on Bitfount's own secure infrastructure.

Fast, flexible setup

We work hard to make it easy for you to get up and running, whatever your level of technical expertise.

Turnkey setup and integrations

Support for tabular and image data

Coming soon: Text and audio data